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We had excellent results working with Mason Mayhew (Mayhew Homes) on our new home. Mason did a great job of helping us think about where to spend and where to save money. We had a specific budget and Mason helped us keep the costs under control. He genuinely enjoys building homes, and is a pleasure to work with. We ended up going a little over that budget, but we knew we were doing it, and had no surprises. One of the best things about Mayhew is that he maintains great relationships with the best subcontractors in the area, so you get better and more timely results. When we started this project, we were concerned that it would be stressing - and it was a bit, but in fact it was much less stressing than I expected. We could trust Mason to worry about things, so that we did not have to worry about them. He earned our trust and kept it throughout the process. Mason Mayhew is one of the few people, from any field, that we feel we can recommend without reservation.Read More

I have represented Mayhew homes and have also had a house built by Mason. The customer service from start to finish is amazing. I highly recommend Mayhew homes to all my potential luxury clients.Read More

When we were looking for a builder to build our custom home the deciding factor for us was to find a builder that was honest, dependable and trustworthy. I can say without a doubt we picked the best man for the job! With Mason you get complete transparency in all of the costs that go into the home. We saw every invoice and knew exactly how much everything cost. Mason was always at the job site everyday. This was very important to us as we are very busy small business owners who did not have a lot of time to run to the job site every day. Mason gave us constant updates and we always knew exactly what was going on with our home. We put a lot of our faith and trust in him and he never let us down. The contractors that he hired were also honest and dependable as well. He is an incredibly hard worker and as down to earth as they come. Mason has a keen eye for design and did some really beautiful ceilings and other architectural features in our home that make it truly unique and one of a kind. You will not get a cookie cutter custom home with Mayhew homes! Everyone that has seen our beautiful new home comments on how truly special it is. We have been in our home for only 2 weeks now and can say we are loving every detail of it. Mason is still at our home making sure every last detail is finished perfectly. Mason is truly a one of a kind builder. You will not be disappointed when choosing him to build your custom home!Read More

We have worked with Mayhew Homes for a little over a year now, designing his homes alongside him and producing his construction documents. Mason is extremely easy to work with and is always prompt in response to any questions we have along the way. He has a keen eye for design and is consistently pushing the envelope with new trends while always working with budget in mind. His ability to see new ideas and implement them makes him an exciting builder to work with! We highly recommend Mason and Mayhew Homes!!!Read More

Mason has always been a great contractor to work with. He gets very involved with his clients and always knows exactly what is going on with his custom homes. Mason is an outstanding builder and person! I know clients truly appreciate his honesty, as do I. Victoria Garcia Ferguson Outside Builder SalesRead More

We hired Mayhew Homes to build our custom home in 2007. We decided to go with Mayhew Homes to build our house because of the superfluous craftsmanship the owner, Mason, puts forth into each home he builds. His ideas and vision towards creating a Tuscan-inspired home far surpassed what other custom home builders could deliver. From coffered ceilings accented with a rich, faux finish to the rounded portico entryway to the curved ceilings in our dining room to the strategic placement of the natural stone around our home's front, he captured the essence of a Tuscan home and transformed a vague idea into a lucid reality. Although Mason has fantastic ideas on home designs, you need to hire the right people to execute the plan and he did just that when constructing our home. My wife and I felt comfortable with the knowledge and expertise each contractor brought to the project and it showed with the finished product. The cherry on the top is the compliments we still receive about our home when we have people over and our house is approaching 9 years of age.Read More

Mayhew Homes has been a customer of ours for years and builds spectacular custom homes. Mason's attention to detail and innovative designs separate him from other custom builders. We would recommend Mayhew Homes to anyone looking to build a house in the Albuquerque area.Read More

The integrity of person that I chose to build my home was every bit as important to me as the quality of construction of my home. Mason Mayhew reaches a degree of excellence in both regards that surpassed my expectations. Choosing a contractor to build my home was a very personal experience for me. I wanted to find somebody that I could share my passion and enthusiasm with during the design and construction process. Mason is personable, listened to and addressed my concerns, and maintains a high level of professionalism. I appreciated his commitment to transparency from start to finish. I am a perfectionist to a fault and Mason's impeccable attention to detail put my mind at ease. Mason was genuinely committed to my overall satisfaction and to completing a home that we could both be proud of.Read More

I have been a real estate broker in Albuquerque since 2004. At the start of my career as a rookie I first learned about Mayhew Homes. They were constructing m-a-n-y gorgeous luxurious residences and subdivisions primarily in the North Albuquerque Acres area of town. For many years, I had only heard of them and known that they are building a lot of homes; obviously a very popular custom builder. As my career grew, I began to specialize in more affluent home sales. Growing in this field has made me very acute to the fine details and craftsmanship. On the resale market, I found that, despite the high-dollar price tags, in the face of value cost is never an issue and Mayhew Homes not only retained excellent values, but sold very easily. This is due to the personal care taken by their President, Mason Mayhew, to tightly manage / direct / oversee that all subcontractors are skillfully executing their craft the correct way. When you meet Mason, you will understand completely; his detail-oriented homes are clearly a reflection of his fastidious nature. He is an extremely well-polished gentleman, one whom the many parties involved in constructing your dream home will all have the highest respect for. I did not meet Mason personally until around 2013 or so, when our daughters were on an athletic team together. Getting to know Mason had absolutely no motive whatsoever; he was just another parent of one of the other girls on the team. I was deeply honored when, in 2014, he and his wonderful wife Melanie asked me to help them sell their personal home so that Mason can create his new vision: a brand new Craftsman-styled home for their family. Throughout the sale of the property showed me the true character of Mason. Polished gentleman was stated earlier - and this is probably the best way I can think of to describe him. Every single home sale has challenges to overcome until we reach the closing table. Never once did I see Mason exhibit anything but an even-keeled temperament, propose really creative solution-oriented ideas, and even after the sale - he still retains a great relationship with the home's new owners. On a personal level, I was exposed to how balanced this guy really is. Mason is very happily married to his high-school sweetheart, one of the sweetest people you could ever meet; Melanie. Together, they have four extremely well-mannered children. Seriously - what a beautiful family they are! In my eyes, Mason has earned his way to being considered one of our market's legendary builders. I love to see good people of the highest professionalism such as Mason achieve greatness! Recently, I referred a client to Mason to explore the idea of building their dream home. They reported back to me something like that Mayhew Homes and Mason are extremely knowledgeable in their field, they were impressed with their completed projects shared, and that they felt extremely comfortable with Mason. Based on everything I have been exposed to from personally touring many of Mayew Homes' finished properties over the years, knowing some of their clients who have rave reviews, getting to know the Mayhew family personally, and seeing how well Mason seeks solutions to hurdles on a business level makes me extremely confident to refer this outstanding builder. The homes are exquisite, and I would imagine the experience while building must be for his clients, too. Should anyone like to speak to me personally, I can be reached at 505-977-8020. Warm regards, Sean Remington RealtorRead More

I have known and worked with Mason for over ten years ... watched his family grow and was privileged to personally witness the incredible craftsmanship that goes into each Mayhew Home. When Mason talks about the importance of building for a family he talks from his heart. His goal has always been to build the best possible home for the buyer within the buyer's budget to make sure the house he builds is truly a home for that family. You won't find anyone in the home building business today with a higher ethical standard than Mason. He is someone that you will want to not only build your first home but your second and third, too!Read More

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